How does it work?

Insects have a sticky membrane on their feet and when an insect makes contact with a treated surface a small amount of the active ingredient is absorbed into the insect and they will then die. This means the insects cannot multiply!

Bug Juice is not an instant knockdown type of product like fly spray. Most Insects tend to spend long periods staying in one spot and this is where Bug Juice works best.

Compared to traditional pest control measures Bug Juice is extremely cost effective. Anyone who can paint can use Bug Juice so the need for professional pest control is reduced. Do it once then forget it until the next time you paint the treated surface.

Bug Juice is easy to apply so you won’t need to hire an expensive contractor and you won’t need to buy as many other pest control products.

It is recommend treated surfaces are cleaned with water once a year to provide a clean surface for insects to land on or crawl over.